How to Glaze Kitchen Cabinets Easy Step

How to Glaze Kitchen CabinetsI bought unfinished cabinets. Have "distressed" and sanded them and I think my next step is to apply a conditioner and then (2nd) stain them. I bought a minwax stain. Ultimately, I would like to do this pinstripe glaze.

Do I use lacquer OR polyurethane [either?] after my 2nd step...staining? And then I use a glaze? Then lacquer? Can I use polyurethane instead of lacquer? Any help is appreciated So many ways to put glaze on cabinets. You do it by putting on the lines. I saw some one else just brush it on and then wipe it off.  Glazing is much easier with a 1" purdy brush. If you are carefull in application , you don't need a lot of cleaning this way. Always let the glaze dry for a few hours befor. you wipe.. wipe with mineral spirits soaked in a rag 
after we have in place ready to go we’re going to take some lacquer clear spray lacquer with a satin finish. And we’re just going to do a light topcoat on the door you want to spray it off of the door. And then along and hand off the door.

If you spray it right on the door you’ll get a big clump laughter right on. It so you can see there, we’ll start off the door. And we’ll come back all the way back for a nice even coat. Now what we do is we let that dry when it dries it’s going to give kind of a fog finish and so we’ll do one more coat clear it up. 

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