5 Contoh Cerita Liburan ke Gunung dalam Bahasa Inggris

Kumpulan Contoh Cerita Liburan ke Gunung dalam Bahasa Inggris ini bisa kamu jadikan refrensi dalam membuat sebuah cerita vacation ketika ada tugas nanti. Banyak gunung yang terkenal di Indonesia mulai dari rinjani, bromo, merapi, dan yang lainya nah ini kami akan share nih beberapa kisah liburan yang bisa kalian contoh.

Contoh 1

A Weekend on Mount Sikunir

Last week I decided to do vacation to Dieng Plateau. One of the interesting thing to was hiking to Mount Sikunir and enjoyed the golden sunrise. I didn’t much effort to reach the peak. The hike to the Dieng Plateau sunrise viewpoint at the top of Sikunir takes 30-45 minutes. The temperature was driving me crazy.

The view was amazing. A bit cloud but still clear enough to see the twinkling lights of villages down below and silhoutte volcanoes.  The scenery was more than magnificent. I feel like floating in the sky.

When I went down, I could see a beauty of Cebong Lake and the vegetable plantation. This trip was a memorable experience and really fantastic.

Contoh 2

First Hiking to the Mount Gede

Yesterday I spent holiday on the Mount Gede. This was my first mountain in West Java, Indonesia. Mount Gede (2.958 m) side to side with Mount Pangrango (3.019 m). These mountanis in the same area of Mount Gede Pangrango National Park.

The plan was to traverse from Gunung Putri and descends towards Cibodas. I walked among a small path and was passing through a plantation leading us to the first post. Four hours I walked continuously. It was already noon when I arrived at Alun-alun Surya Kencana. Alun-alun Surya Kencana was really great. A vast meadow located at 2.758 with edelweiss overgrown at every corner of the place. 
Contoh 3

Hiking to Mount Krakatau

Friday morning I was picked up at home by my friend, Nurul. We drove 2 hours to the coast to have breakfast. After that we loaded onto a speedboat with all our gear and enjoyed 2 hours ride to the island. We snorkeled at a neighboring island and had lunch on the beach before boating a short distance to Krakatau. The eruption of Krakatau on August 27, 1883 was the loudest sound ever recorded, heard all the way in Australia. The explosion was about 13.000 times more powerful than Hiroshima.

Then, we set up camp for us at the base of the active volcano and after a little relaxation we started to hike towards the sunset. Once the sun had set and we made it back to camp.

The next morning we woke up early for the sunrise and hiked a little ways to a great viewpoint. After heading down, we had breakfast, relaxed a little, cleaned up, and load onto the speedboat again. We piled into the van and drove back home where we made it just as the sun was going down.

Contoh 4
Heresy: I should have seen this coming
After miraculously finding our jeep and silent driver among what seemed to be like a million jeeps, we started making our (much too fast) way down towards the desert, from where we were meant to ride horses up to the crater of Bromo. However, a quick turn and the view opened up for us. There stood Mount Bromo, in front of our eyes, mighty and spiteful and making fun of us and of all our efforts – the early wake up call, the walk through “the slush”, the risking our lives, the screaming, the anger, the fright, the tripod placing, the hopeless waiting.

There was our opportunity to shoot a good photo, to have proper proof that yes, we had been to Mount Bromo. We could not miss it. We jumped off the jeep, and, used to the noise, the traffic, the pollution, the cars and motorbikes’ careless driving, we crossed the road to fight our way among the (actually lesser) crowd, to get to a good spot where we could finally catch on camera the spectacular view and hope that nobody else but us and Mount Bromo would be in the picture. It took quite a bit of effort, but I must admit that it worked. Mount Bromo looked pretty. I almost bought it. Almost.

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